Try not to laugh🐦Talking funny birds & wild animals at Woburn Safari

Buy your pot of nectar at the entrance to Rainbow Landing and you’ll soon be making friends with these colourful birds. Meet the lories and lorikeets – brightly feathered parrots who are specially equipped for their diet of nectar, with a brush-like tongue. Rainbow Landing is home to Red Lories, Dusky Lories, and Green Napped Lorikeets. ….. Try not to laugh, but we visited Woburn for the second time this year. We were lucky enough to experience a really good self-drive safari first thing and saw many animals that we hadn’t see last time. During the safari we got up close to elephants, giraffes, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears and wolves as well as some of the cattle and deer. The weather was great, not too hot which meant that many of the animals were out having fun. In particular, the bears, wolves, elephants, rhinos and giraffes. After our initial safari we then parked up and walked around the foot-safari and thanks to the leaflet with all the times on were able to see the penguins being fed, listen to the spider monkey talk and see the lemurs in full swing. We didn’t have time for many of the activities or shows and could easily have spent another day here. We enjoyed the Red Panda, the indoor play area, the swan boats and of course the gift shop!