Luigi Mitoi – SOFERUL FOARTE BUN | Povesti, Pilde, Ilustratii 2019

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Saptamana trecuta am dat peste un poster Don’t text and drive. Buna avertizarea pentru ca uneori esti ispitit sa folosesti telefonul in trafic. In UK mai vezi disciplina in domeniul asta. Cel putin asa credeam.
Astazi insa am fost _________ (nu-mi gasesc un cuvant potrivit). Adica le mai vezi in statii asteptand, prin metrou fara inhibitii, prin bus-uri… in drum spre munca, insa nu vazusem inca sa poti sofa si sa te poti machia in acelasi timp. Am vazut aceasta arta de dimineata dusa cu mult mai departe, trecand niste limite clare, cel putin in cazul meu
M-am inselat cand am crezut ca tocmai asistam la un shift istoric. Problema e dezbatuta de ani de zile in presa de aici.

It is not so much a case of mirror, signal, manoeuvre as mirror, signal, mascara.
Almost half of women admit applying make-up while driving – mainly because they get out of bed at the last minute, a poll reveals.
Some 46 per cent go for last-minute beauty top-ups – most often at traffic lights or while queuing – and 43 per cent say they do it even though they know it is wrong.

– 43% admitted putting on their face while driving cars on the daily commute
– Most commonly applied at traffic lights or in a traffic jam
– Confess they know it is dangerous, but still continue to do it anyway
– Lip gloss is most popular cosmetic to apply while driving – 35% do it
– Average time spent applying make-up before work is 10 minutes
– Just 5% of women don’t wear any make-up to work