Article in The Guardian mentioning my family and Victory Romanian Baptist Church Kingsbury 

Article from September 2015 read for the first time… 🙂

„Back in the Metroland suburb of Kingsbury, newcomers are assessing their options. Marius Zarnescu, 28, is a crane operator and the pastor of Kingsbury’s Victory Romanian Baptist Church. His congregation is mostly made up of young couples in their 20s and 30s, and Zarnescu says many are moving from Kingsbury to towns outside of London – places such as Uxbridge, Watford, Slough and Reading – in search of more spacious and affordable accommodation. 
He and his wife Laura used to share a house in Kingsbury with another couple. Now that they have a three-month-old daughter, they have moved to Slough, where they can afford to rent a house of their own. “The families at the church are trying to make a life in England,” he says. “Everyone is looking for something more comfortable, a place to settle down, a garden for the kids. And if they have to go outside of London to do it, then it’s for the best.”

Romanian Villages, by Sorin Onisor

„There you’ll find the place I love most in the world. The place where I grew thin from dreaming. My village, rising from the plain.” – photographer Sorin Onisor


Cornel Brad. Imaginary Journey


“In this imaginary journey I shall continue to be drawn to the curtain, whether it is that of the concert hall or the person itself, of that subtle outline, that dividing fabric which can hold different textures, depths, colours and degrees of transparency.” – photographer #CornelBrad

Photo: Ottavio Dantone – harpsicord soloist & conductor Accademia Bizantina, © Cornel Brad

Come see Interludes by Cornel Brad, an extraordinary gallery of portraits that includes some of the biggest stars of contemporary classical music!

@ RCI London, Mon-Fri between 10am-5pm, open until 15 May

Promises of Splendour: Cellist Andrei Kivu and Pianist Ana Silvestru in the ‘Enescu Concerts’ Series

Two of Romania’s internationally renowned classical musicians, cellist Andrei Kivu pianist Ana Silvestru Enescu Concerts’ Series First Romanian Rhapsody, George Enescu loved masterpiece cello and piano by Romanian composers Constantin Dimitrescu Constantin Bobescu Debussy, Ravel and Bach.

Two of Romania’s internationally renowned classical musicians, cellist Andrei Kivu and pianist Ana Silvestru grace our ever popular ‘Enescu Concerts’ Series with a marvellous programme which includes the chamber transcription of the First Romanian Rhapsody, George Enescu’s best loved masterpiece. The charismatic duo also performs two rarely heard works for cello and piano by Romanian composers Constantin Dimitrescu and Constantin Bobescu, alongside well known works by Debussy, Ravel and Bach.

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Through the Ashes of the Empire at the Romanian Cinematheque, RCI London


Romania commemorates this year the centenary of its entry into the Great War, a belated yet fateful decision that led to the creation of Greater Romania in 1918. We shall be revisiting those decisive years in a series of events that bring about the incertitude, the soul-searching, the tragedy and the eventual triumph through artistic means – and we start with film.

The Romanian Cinematheque at RCI London, now entering its sixth year, presents Andrei Blaier’s masterpiece ‘Through the Ashes of the Empire’ – a picaresque tale of betrayal, survival and coming of age, starring the great Gheorghe Dinică in one of his most terrific performances. Also featuring Gabriel Oseciuc, Cornel Coman, Ștefan Sileanu and Ferencz Bencze. Adapted from the novel ‘A gamble with death’ by Zaharia Stancu. 

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Roses on the road. North Circular Road Market


This man has several years of selling flowers in the same spot on the North Circular Road. I am quite surprised to see him there year after year. He’s quite famous on that section of the road.
I guess you can make a living out of it because 50m away, a new guy on the street is selling energy drinks, and 100m down the road, some gypsies are washing your car screen, asking for money, even if you didn’t asked for the service. Romanian gypsies,  unfortunately.
And, I predict that if the traffic will become slower and slower, very soon the road will be transformed into a market, North Circular Road Market and people will be able then to sell their goods and services even on a market stall, with an licence, in a controlled environment, targeting a long term positive economical impact. You will then save a lot of time buying everything on the way home, from the street, without wasting your most valuable asset at Tesco, Sainsbury’s etc.

Eight cow woman

Laura bought two books about marriage relationships this week-end. Bringing out the best in your Wife and Bringing out the best in your Husband by H.N. Wright, translated into Romanian. And of course, I have to read my bit. We started together. Now, in my book, Wright mentions an old, well known story for most. It was new to me. I’ve checked the story online and was quite surprised to see that there is also a movie about it, Johnny Lingo (1969).

Like always, I will share this story here, hoping that someone will benefit from it.

During a trip to Atlanta I read an article in Reader’s Digest. I made a copy of it and have kept it in my heart and mind ever since. It was the story of Johnny Lingo, a man who lived in the South Pacific. The islanders all spoke highly of this man, but when it came time for him to find a wife the people shook their heads in disbelief. In order to obtain a wife you paid for her by giving her father cows. Four to six cows was considered a high price. But the woman Johnny Lingo chose was plain, skinny and walked with her shoulders hunched and her head down. She was very hesitant and shy. What surprised everyone was Johnny’s offer he gave eight cows for her! Everyone chuckled about it, since they believed his father-in-law put one over on him.

Several months after the wedding, a visitor from the U.S. came to the islands to trade and heard the story about Johnny Lingo and his eight-cow wife. Upon meeting Johnny and his wife the visitor was totally taken back, since this wasn’t a shy, plain and hesitant woman but one who was beautiful, poised and confident. The visitor asked about the transformation, and Johnny Lingo’s response was very simple. „I wanted an eight-cow woman, and when I paid that for her and treated her in that fashion, she began to believe that she was an eight cow woman. She discovered she was worth more than any other woman in the islands. And what matters most is what a woman thinks about herself.”

Bringing Out the Best in Your Wife, H. Norman Wright

Life, Life, Eternal Life

004.I.Must.Have.LifeSome of you may remember how Bunyan’s pilgrim, when called back by his wife and children from the journey on which he was setting out, put his fingers in his ears, and ran crying, Life, Life, Eternal Life.

In the same way, my family was against me when God saved me. When I was converted my folks didn’t understood this wonderful moment. They were quite blind. I felt they were my opponents. I was considered a freak. They though that someone has brainwashed me. A heretic with some strange and foreign heresies. I was baptized without their consent. My stepfather didn’t ate with me at the table because he believed that I’ve abandoned the ancestral Orthodox faith, and that was an unpardonable sin. My mother used to come in my room crying and telling me that she would rather see me with a cigarette in my mouth, in a Club with some girls than with a Bible in my hand. She was terrified. But I ran crying, Life, Life, Eternal Life.

This isn’t something new. Jesus said that:

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. Mat.10:34,35

If this is happening in your life because of your decision to follow Christ, rejoice. You’re on the right path. One of our Romanian saints said once that, When your relatives will surround you like bees or Citește în continuare „Life, Life, Eternal Life”

Teo Palincas. Guess Who I am. Why Eurovision?

Teo Palincas Guess who I amI’ve met Teo Palincas last year and I was amazed at the talent God placed in him. He’s attending a Romanian evangelical church in London right now, and, to be honest, I’m quite happy for him and his desire to promote God in this society although he is sometimes criticized for doing that.

Teo is sharing with us the reasons behind his decision to participate at Eurovision.

I was running a Christian coffee shop for a year and a half (with no alcohol, cigarettes), named „Arcafe”. From a commercial point of view, things were not going well, but I started special evenings of music and discussions and we were making friends with young and special people, for who, we felt useful. There, I opened my eyes to a different world and I did realized that God has a special plan for the people who do not attend an evangelical church. Citește în continuare „Teo Palincas. Guess Who I am. Why Eurovision?”

Dan Puric about Romania

I’ve read Dan Puric these days, an artist and a strong public voice in Romania. I like the way he describes Romania, polluted today by communism, transition and integration. He offers many interesting images that challenges you intellectually, moves you emotionally, wanting to lead you towards a traditional mixed orthodox faith.

In Who are we, he gave the following interesting pictures:

Imagine this country as a baby’s cheek, with a tear that flows continuously, and you will realize the history of the Romanian people. The contemporary expression of this state is perfectly found preserved in her dimension, when people today ask you if you know which is the last question of the Romanian people. „What,” you say… And you get the answer: „If there is life before death.”

He also said…

We have peaks, flowers that grow tall, but we don’t have a garden and we don’t have a gardener. We killed the gardener, cut the water and stole the hose…

For those who don’t know the situation of Romania, these pictures are quite real.

Lesson in Patience

„Sometime ago our church staff attended a leadership conference. Especially interested in one class, I arrived early and snagged a front-row seat. As the speaker began, however, I was distracted by a couple of voices in the back of the room. Two guys were mumbling to each other. I was giving serious thought to shooting a glare over my shoulder when the speaker offered an explanation. “Forgive me,” he said. “I forgot to explain why the two fellows at the back of the class are talking. One of them is an elder at a new church in Romania. He has traveled her to learn about church leadership. But he doesn’t speak English, so the message is being translated.”

All of a sudden everything changed. Patience replaced impatience. Why? Because patience always hitches a ride with understanding.”

Max Lucado.