Through the Ashes of the Empire at the Romanian Cinematheque, RCI London


Romania commemorates this year the centenary of its entry into the Great War, a belated yet fateful decision that led to the creation of Greater Romania in 1918. We shall be revisiting those decisive years in a series of events that bring about the incertitude, the soul-searching, the tragedy and the eventual triumph through artistic means – and we start with film.

The Romanian Cinematheque at RCI London, now entering its sixth year, presents Andrei Blaier’s masterpiece ‘Through the Ashes of the Empire’ – a picaresque tale of betrayal, survival and coming of age, starring the great Gheorghe Dinică in one of his most terrific performances. Also featuring Gabriel Oseciuc, Cornel Coman, Ștefan Sileanu and Ferencz Bencze. Adapted from the novel ‘A gamble with death’ by Zaharia Stancu. 

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International Women’s Day at Romanian Cultural Institute London


We celebrate International Women’s Day with a beautiful poem from Fiona Sampson’s ‘The Catch’, a collection of „crystalline poems of beauty and risk” that we look forward to launching tonight. Join us @ RCI London at 7pm!

The Catch

You want – but something
holds you back
(voices in the

the cold shift
of a shadow)
something walks
beside you something

that was always
there a shadow is it
like your skin
and you remember

when you were
a child how each night
shadows met
across the grass

each night they met
to swallow time
the light put out
in each grass stalk

the story broken
that you’d told
yourself as you lay
in the brief

between the tress.

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