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Karl Barth’s WWI Sermons

„We may not have a prophet like Isaiah or Jeremiah in our midst, Barth said, but we do have the Bible and the light of the prophetic word shining so brightly from its pages. “There is something wonderful about this ancient book,” Barth told his people.

 “Particularly in these troubled times, yet at all times, we need to go to this source and to drink deeply from it.” He reminded them of a few of its majestic passages: “Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD! LORD, hear my voice!” (Ps. 130:1). “When you hear of wars and rumors of war, do not be alarmed” (Mark 13:7). “I know the plans I have for you . . . plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer. 29:11).”

„A Unique Time of God. Karl Barth’s WWI Sermons” Karl Barth

My Book Review: Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

dangerous-calling-paul-david-trippThe most important aspect when I read a book about ministry is to understand if the author is actually involved in ministry (of course…), to understand his heart and taste his honesty.

Dangerous Calling is soaked with confessions. Paul Tripp’s confessions, and so many tragedies from the ministry field. Inspired title, Dangerous. Paul knows the problem. If you are preparing for ministry or you are involved in ministry, you can certainly understand that he was and he still is in your shoes. He’s sharing humbling and embarrassing things that most of us tend to hide.

I know I am not alone. There are many pastors who have inserted themselves into a spiritual category that doesn’t exist. Like me, they think they are someone they’re not. So they respond in ways that they shouldn’t, and they develop habits that are spiritually dangerous. They are content with a devotional life that either doesn’t exist or is constantly kidnapped by preparation

He examines his heart and motivations in ministry and invites you to walk in his steps, constantly asking himself, how is the Gospel of Jesus Christ forming the heart of the pastor and his ministry local culture. Undoubtedly, if you do not understand the ministry as it was designed by God, you are in a dangerous place. If the work of God and not God Himself is the main motivation, you are in a dangerous place.

The pastor must be enthralled by, in awe of—can I say it: in love with—his Redeemer so that everything he thinks, desires, chooses, decides, says, and does is propelled by love for Christ and the security of rest in the love of Christ. He must be regularly exposed, humbled, assured, and given rest by the grace of his Redeemer. His heart needs to be tenderized day after day by his communion with Christ so that he becomes a tender, loving, patient, forgiving, encouraging, and giving servant leader. His meditation on Christ—his presence, his promises, and his provisions—must not be overwhelmed by his meditation on how to make his ministry work.

You can feel the love for those who are involved in God’s work and also his pain for the unhealthy pastoral culture that anyone can identify today. The only remedy is Christ.

You see, it is only love for Christ that can defend the heart of the pastor against all the other loves that have the potential to kidnap his ministry. It is only worship of Christ that has the power to protect him from all the seductive idols of ministry that will whisper in his ear. It is only the Citește în continuare „My Book Review: Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp”

Crossing London: Showcase


Next Tuesday (4th March 2014), Crossing London will host ‘Showcase’ at Grace Bar, 44 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7NB to unveil plans for this autumn’s Encountering Jesus events.
To give you a taster of what the night entails, have at look at our programme.
At the Showcase, churches will be finding out more about the exciting prospects in store and will be able to meet with some of the guests who they may wish to book for their local events. With us for the evening will be evangelists and preachers Steve Legg, Steve Mullins, Glen Shrivener, comedian and creative communicator Liz Babbs, dance troupe Rebirth, magician Steve Price and many more.
For more information go to This is a free event but you will need to reserve a place. To do so please click here

Plagiatul homiletic nu este ceva nou.

S-au scris multe în ultimii ani despre problema plagiatului în predicare. Totuşi această problemă nu este nouă. În 1330, călugărul franciscan John de Werden a oferit o compilaţie de predici numită Dormi Secure. Titlul întreg ar fi fost Dormi liniştit şi nu te îngrijora despre predica de mâine; sunt o mulţime în această carte din care poţi să alegi”. Probabil erau mulţi predicatori care dormeau în zilele acelea. Această colecţie s-a reeditat de 25 de ori înainte de anul 1500. (Charles Smyth, The Art of Preaching 747-1939).