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Joanne Simpson și o poveste despre Viață 

Posted: 16/02/2017 in Fără categorie
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​Nu cred că numele Joanne Simpson îți spune ceva. În 1955, pe când era studentă, Joanne a rămas însărcinată.
Tatăl copilului nu a vrut să audă de treaba asta. Rușine. Frică.




Și de obicei oamenii încearcă să se descotorosească de complicații.

La fel a dorit să se dezbare de „problemă” românca din Manchester. După ce a născut un copil perfect sănătos în toaleta spitalului, l-a pus într-o pungă neagră de gunoi și l-a aruncat într-un coș. Copilul a fost găsit însă. A fost resuscitat iar acum e perfect sănătos.
Ca și această tânără din Manchester, Joanne nu putea fi mamă în acel moment. Însă spre deosebire de aceasta, Joanne a ales viața. A ales să nu ucidă copilul ci să-l nască și să-l dea spre adopție.
Paul și Clara au adoptat micuțul.

Oameni simpli, din California, fără studii superioare. Nici măcar cu liceul terminat. Mama a fost cam dezamăgită, vroia ceva mai deosebit pentru băiețelul ei, însă copilul a găsit o familie ce l-a iubit și l-a îngrijit.

Cred că numele acestui copil îți spune totuși ceva.
Steve Jobs.
Da, acel Steve. Fondatorul Apple. S-ar putea să citești textul ăsta de pe un iPhone, iPad etc. N-ar fi fost posibil dacă mama sa l-ar fi aruncat.
Și chiar dacă Steve Jobs n-ar fi avut un asemenea impact în lume, chiar dacă ar fi trăit anonim în California, nimeni să nu fi auzit de el, viața sa tot merita salvată. Viața sa precum și viața acelui copilaș din Manchester și viețile atâtor copii nenăscuți sau născuți merită salvată și prețuită.
Pentru ca este vorba despre viață.


Dar mai mult, 

Pentru că este vorba despre El,

Domnul Vieții.

We’re living in a manipulative fictional reality created and maintained by a few corporations that are setting up the mainstream economical, political etc. agendas. If you didn’t knew that, take off your glasses and clean them, as the speaker „advised” the audience. You can’t do much about it unfortunately. Not alone anyway. But if many will do it, life beyond the artificial is possible.

No wonder that the recent #Colectiv organic public movement in Romania was quite rapidly torn apart in a few power groups interests. The voice of the street suddenly transformed itself into the voice of the „corporations”.

Lucian revealed a Russian agenda, some political and media manoeuvres to „correct” the flow but, unfortunately, it seems that the people are quite happy to live inside a plastic bubble reality. 

And the people of Romania are not an exception.


God is a non-material layer of reality all around us, “right here” as well as “more than right here.” This way of thinking thus affirms that there are minimally two layers or dimensions of reality, the visible world of our ordinary experience and God, the sacred, Spirit.
One of my favorite quotations expressing this understanding of God is from Thomas Merton, a twentieth-century Trappist monk:

Life is this simple. We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent, and God is shining through it all the time. This is not just a fable or a nice story. It is true. If we abandon ourselves to God and forget ourselves, we see it sometimes, and we see it maybe frequently. God shows Himself everywhere, in everything—in people and in things and in nature and in events. It becomes very obvious that God is everywhere and in everything and we cannot be without Him. It’s impossible. The only thing is that we don’t see it.

Marcus J. Borg, The Heart of Christianity

If-this-happens-you-knoe-your-driving-to-fastI’ve had the AA Drive Tech, National Speed Awareness course today. An alternative to the Fixed Penalty fine and penalty points I received last Christmas. If you have not previously attended a course within a 3 year period, you will be offered this one. And it helps. It really helps. It wasn’t as boring as I though. Quite decent.

Some of the things I’ve learned:

More paint, more restraint. More red, more dead. (about the paint you often see on the roads)

Speed limit is a limit not a target.

We used to drive on the left. We now drive on what’s left… 🙂

Aggressive drivers tailgating and flashing you on the motorway tend to be very annoying. A study was done and it revealed that these people usually are not satisfied with their life, their job, family and tend to use their car to bully others in traffic.

Don’t react. Control yourself. Be careful. You never know what “animal” is driving the other car.

When you are inside the car you feel that you are becoming anonymous. You loose your control and you do and say weird things that don’t represent you.

If you’re sleepy, of course you need to stop and rest, but if you can’t do it, chewing a gum or making verbal commentaries about the road, traffic or weather helps to keep you focused and concentrated.

The most common word put down on the reports by the insurance companies is: (mai mult…)

004.I.Must.Have.LifeSome of you may remember how Bunyan’s pilgrim, when called back by his wife and children from the journey on which he was setting out, put his fingers in his ears, and ran crying, Life, Life, Eternal Life.

In the same way, my family was against me when God saved me. When I was converted my folks didn’t understood this wonderful moment. They were quite blind. I felt they were my opponents. I was considered a freak. They though that someone has brainwashed me. A heretic with some strange and foreign heresies. I was baptized without their consent. My stepfather didn’t ate with me at the table because he believed that I’ve abandoned the ancestral Orthodox faith, and that was an unpardonable sin. My mother used to come in my room crying and telling me that she would rather see me with a cigarette in my mouth, in a Club with some girls than with a Bible in my hand. She was terrified. But I ran crying, Life, Life, Eternal Life.

This isn’t something new. Jesus said that:

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. Mat.10:34,35

If this is happening in your life because of your decision to follow Christ, rejoice. You’re on the right path. One of our Romanian saints said once that, When your relatives will surround you like bees or (mai mult…)

There are many pastors that are showing something in public and a totally different stuff in their private life. Some call this a double life. Spiritual schizophrenia.
I was very surprised, taking a break from my reading of Paul Tripp’s, Dangerous Calling, to see an article on Gospel Coalition by Ronnie Martin, written nearly on the same topic. He is speaking about a fellow pastor that „lost his way”, to use Tripp’s words. He describes the following scenario:

It was nothing „scandalous” at all, really. It was that he lied.
When asked how he was doing, he always replied, „Great!” When asked what he needed prayer for, he always offered some generic request.
He kept things guarded, impersonal, and close to the vest, even when others around him shared the depths of their heart. I don’t think I ever heard him apologize to anyone for anything, ever.
Yet he smiled a lot. He laughed heartily and kept things as „positive” as possible. But I saw how the people closest to him were positively crushed by his lack of vulnerability. I was one of them

The unbelievable aspect in this story is that Ronnie himself soon realized that is very tempted to lie also about his condition. Mentoring a young man, he was challanged to be honest.

I repented to him, praying that God would destroy the pride that kept me from sharing my heart to others. Pride is always the root problem. I wanted people to see me as someone who didn’t need the gospel as bad as I was telling them they needed it.
Praise God that the Holy Spirit faithfully reveals what our hearts conceal. Praise God that those no one hidden in Christ needs to hide anything any longer.

Now, this has a happy ending and it’s quite a gentle story compared with the painful and scary things you’ll find in Tripp’s book. It’s quite an embarrassing, humbling book and you may feel tempted to say that it’s speaking to a small number of ministers, but from his experience(and mine) that’s not true. (mai mult…)

max lucado, GraceA few years ago I contacted Max Lucado to ask his permission to translate his daily devotionals from He was quite happy about it and he wrote back:

It is a wonderful honor to be a part of this valuable website. God loves all the people of Romania . It is my prayer that every single person of this great nation discovers the love of God and the gift of Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing me to share a word and, Lord willing, lift a heart.” Max Lucado.

I was overwhelmed by the fact that Max Lucado wrote to a kid like me. Wonderful. Speechless.

I’ve created a blog, Max Lucado Romania, where we translated some of his devotionals. We stopped for a while but we started again a few weeks ago. He’s playing with the words and illustrates deep Biblical truths in a way that fascinates me. He used an interesting illustration in his book, Grace – More than we deserve, Greater than we imagine, that I would like to share here.

When grace happens, we receive not a nice compliment from God but a new heart. Give your heart to Christ, and he returns the favor. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you (Ezek. 36:26).

You might call it a spiritual heart transplant.

Tara Storch understands this miracle as much as anyone can. In the spring of 2010 a skiing accident took the life of her thirteen-year-old daughter, Taylor. What followed for Tara and her husband, Todd, was every parent’s worst nightmare: (mai mult…)

I’ve read Dan Puric these days, an artist and a strong public voice in Romania. I like the way he describes Romania, polluted today by communism, transition and integration. He offers many interesting images that challenges you intellectually, moves you emotionally, wanting to lead you towards a traditional mixed orthodox faith.

In Who are we, he gave the following interesting pictures:

Imagine this country as a baby’s cheek, with a tear that flows continuously, and you will realize the history of the Romanian people. The contemporary expression of this state is perfectly found preserved in her dimension, when people today ask you if you know which is the last question of the Romanian people. „What,” you say… And you get the answer: „If there is life before death.”

He also said…

We have peaks, flowers that grow tall, but we don’t have a garden and we don’t have a gardener. We killed the gardener, cut the water and stole the hose…

For those who don’t know the situation of Romania, these pictures are quite real.

To save a life.

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Nu l-am văzut. Doar ce a apărut. Cu tineri, cu probleme d-ale lor…ştii tu, acceptare, nevoi, inclusiv treaba asta urâtă cu sinuciderea.

Poate ai trecut şi tu pe strada asta…

E scris de un pastor de tineret. Îţi dai seama că omul are experienţă. “Am realizat că zilnic vorbim cu studenţi care au parte de atâta durere. Este o parte mare, o parte foarte mare a lucrării noastre”, spune Britt.

Povestea unui  all-star athlete şi a prietenei sale, dezorientaţi cu totul atunci când Jake pierde un prieten din copilărie care se sinucide. Ieşind de pe calea presiunii de grup şi a popularităţii pentru a atinge studenţii îndureraţi, se dovedeşte a fi o provocare ce-ţi poate transforma viaţa.

“Cât de departe ai merge? Cât de mult ai risca? Cât de tare te-ai lupta… să salvezi o viaţă?

AICI pentru trailer.

Totuşi, dacă în final nu trimite la Christos, cel ce Şi-a dat viaţa pentru a salva vieţi şi dacă este doar o încercare ieftină de a schimba atitudini, de a alina dureri fără Christos, nu-şi merită postul ăsta.