I had a dream

father-watching-baby-sleepI suddenly woke up last night at four o’clock, sweaty, after a bad dream. On a scale of 1 to10, where 1 is an uncomfortable dream and 10 is a terrible nightmare, Laura would give it a 4 or 5. She shared some ugly nightmares from her past that would make my dream a silly little daydream.

But, for me it was quite scary. Prepare yourself. It requires the consent of an adult before you read this. It can leave you with a trauma if you don’t watch your own heart.

So, I dreamed that I was in my car and ran a red light but I did not realize it. All the people were off the road and looked at me as if I did something seriously wrong. Sensing that all looked very suspicious, I stopped, got out of the car and asked what was happening. Why is everyone looking at me like this, in this scary way. A lady replied that I ran a red light and saw how the camera took a picture of my car. Citește în continuare „I had a dream”

Fulfil a Need.

We have all been created to fulfil a need.

In the history of Israel, Joseph was born to save them from starvation, Moses was created to deliver them from slavery and Esther was divinely appointed to prevent their extinction. Even outcasts from the nation of Israel, like Rahab the prostitute who helped Joshua and his men, had their use.

Whether big or small, recorded or unrecorded, notable or unknown to the public, you were born to fulfil a need. That need arose even before your birth.

Jesus Christ came to the earth to fulfil the ultimate need of mankind; the need for a Saviour. Even He breaks it down further and describes the brevity of that need in Luke 4:17-18. The greatest need God created you for is in the reconciliation of man to Himself. You were created to promote the Kingdom of God and facilitate the return of man into a relationship with God.

All around you are people who need you.

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