SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for Penguin Talk Encounter for Kids | Birdland, Bourton-on-the-Water 2018

There are 17 species of penguin and the King Penguin is the second largest, weighing up to 18kg. The largest is the Emperor Penguin, which can weigh 45kg and the smallest is the Little Penguin which weighs 2kg. Distribution: South Georgia Island to Tierra del Fuego. Diet: Fresh whole Herring, plus vitamins and salt. Breeding: The King Penguin incubates a single egg on their feet. As with most penguin species they are brooded by both male and female, with incubation lasting from 33-64 days. Newly hatched chicks are covered with fine down and continue to be cared for by both parents until they are big enough and able to keep themselves warm. Food is provided by both parents in the form of regurgitated fish, squid or krill. The chicks of most species will moult into their adult plumage and fledge at between 2 and 5 months, however King Penguin chicks take up to 16 months. Status in the wild: This is one of the few penguin species whose numbers are steady and on some islands are on the increase. Penguins are fascinating, funny and entertaining, and as well as Humboldts, Birdland is also home to England’s only collection of King Penguins. In the wild there are 17 species of penguin, which is a group of flightless birds designed for speed in water rather than the air. Above and Below the Water Our window in the water shows how our penguins’ much loved waddling turns into power and elegance once they are underwater and truly in their element …. Less than 10,000 birds means the Humboldt penguin is one of the rarest of the 17 species of penguin. All the Humboldt Penguins at Birdland are captive bred. Distribution: Coasts and islands of Peru and Chile. Diet: Fresh whole Sprats, plus vitamins and salt. Breeding: Two white eggs are laid underground in the wild, or in a nestbox in captivity, and incubation is 39 days, with both parents rearing the chicks. Status in the wild: Less than 10,000 birds means the Humboldt is one of the rarest of the 17 species of penguin. Major threats are over-fishing and pollution.


Kevin DeYoung and his trip to England

london-big-benI think I understand Carl Trueman’s critiques of American evangelical celebrity culture after touring (to use a celebrity word!) England for a fortnight (to use a British word!). No one asked to take a picture with me–not once. Actually, the one selfie I took was with two Americans (friends of a friend), and we were razzed by the Brits for doing so. Every introduction I received was in the form of a brief interview. People did not queue up after a talk for me to sign their Bible or get a photo for social media. In fact, several church leaders told me that when they really like someone they make fun of them! The culture struck me as one that would rather chop the head off all the tall poppies than point to the one others are pointing at.

I didn’t have a problem with any of this. I like sarcasm and friendly scorn. I’d rather not get my picture taken. I don’t long to sign things. But at the same time, it felt to me like these were cultural values I was experiencing more than strictly biblical ones. Although the lack of pizzazz was refreshing, there were also times no one came up to me to say anything. During break times, I could wander around looking for the loo without fear of someone interrupting my wandering! I didn’t mind. Everyone was exceedingly kind. I’m simply commenting that the same culture that was wonderfully free of celebritification might seem to others unfriendly or unwelcoming (again, that’s not how I took any of it). I don’t think people from America should assume the British are rude, just like I don’t think they should assume people from the Midwest are too nice, people from the South are fake, people from the Northwest are weird, or people at Christian conferences in the States worship the speakers. As we learn from each other, part of what we will learn is that we do things in different ways and skew toward different dangers.

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Mon Dieu, triseaza astia!

E funny sa vezy conflictul asta intre Anglia si Franta.
O noua perla a francezilor ar fi ca ciclistii britanici triseaza. De aceea au asa de multe medalii. Intrun sondaj organizat de ziarul francez L’Equipe, saptezeci la suta dintre francezi afirma ca britanicii incalca regulile olimpice.
Mai spun si ca ar avea „roti magice”, roti care de fapt sunt fabricate in Franta de Mavic.

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From London, with love…

Aseară am ajuns la părinti în Londra, după o călătorie de cca. 3h. Mai mult am așteptat în minusculul aeroport internațional din Bacău. Data trecută am făcut cam 2 zile. Luasem forma scaunului din autocar deja de atâta șezut. Oricum, nu se compară cu iritarea pe care vameșii români ți-o pot provoca. Îs specializați în treaba asta.

Parcă și văd… training în sâcâire pentru depistarea teroriștilor mai slabi de înger, 2 semestre! În fine…

Și, spre deosebire de dată trecută, acum sunt însurat. Deci, am călătorit împreuna cu soția. A fost o experiență interesantă pentru amândoi. Ea a fost cam dezamagită cu privire la zbor. Se aștepta să fie o experiență terifiantă… 🙂

Am vizitat Londra cât de cât ultima oară, însă sunt curios… ce n-ar trebui să ratez în aceste 2 săptămâni…? Poate aveți voi vreo sugestie… M-aș bucura dacă aș primi ceva sfaturi. Mulțumesc anticipat!