Conflict happens because of disobedience to Christ

Christ above all: Conversational Evangelism with People of Other Faiths. 

Daniel Shayesteh
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Freedom throughout the religious life of a person, not just at its beginning. Miroslav Volf, Flourishing

A world religion that forcibly prevents a person from embracing another religion and compels a person to remain in a religion unwillingly is inconsistent. When Christians punished apostates and heretics, as they did for much of Christianity’s history, the Christian faith itself was divided. When Muslims insist, as many still do, that “once a person accepts Islam out of his free will he is not allowed to leave it,” Islam, too, at is at odds with itself.
If religion is to be embraced freely, that free choice must obtain throughout the religious life of a person, not just at its beginning.

Miroslav Volf, Flourishing : Why we need religion in a globalized world

Intentionally left blank page!

Just wondering about the editor’s intentions now. It’s quite puzzling! Not that intriguing though, if you read Eschatology – in the Bible – and in Jewish and Cristian Tradition.
It comes with the Package.


De ce am părăsit Biserica Mormonilor pentru a-L urma pe Isus


Lynn K Wilder a slujit în Utah, în templul Mormonilor, ca profesoară a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Biserica lui Isus Hristos a Sfinţilor din Zilele din Urmă). Ea explică ce a determinat-o să părăsească această sectă.

În timpul celor 30 de ani ca mormon,  am crezut sincer că „experiențele spirituale mistice” mă aliniază cu Tatăl meu ceresc, Isus și Duhul Sfânt (am crezut în trei dumnezei separați, însă nu în Trinitate), în Biserica lui Isus Hristos a Sfinţilor din Zilele din Urmă.
Când un patriarh și-a pus mâinile pe capul meu să-mi dea o binecuvântare, potrivit ritualului iudaic, am simțit un fel de curent electric prin trupul meu. Am fost de multe ori copleșită de emoții slujind ca lucrător ordinat în templul din Chicago sau ca profesoară la institutul ce dă direcția în educația Bisericii, Brigham Young University. Am depus mărturie că Joseph Smith a restaurat „singura biserică vie și adevărată”
În mod sincer, m-am încrezut în sentimentele ce au venit din aceste experiențe, fără sa-mi dau seama că ele ar putea fi falsificate; înrădăcinate în ceea ce Biblia numește „un alt Isus” care învață „o altă Evanghelie”. Astăzi,  nu mă mai încred doar în sentimente sau în căutări ale vizitelor spiritelor în templu ca măsurile potrivite pentru a testa adevărul. Trebuie să îți folosești creierul și să citești Biblia.

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VINERI, 10 Octombrie – Weekend-ul de apologetica

Probabil încă furat de niște idei auzite pe radio la amiază despre mileniști (millenials = termen ce nu are de-a face cu discuția despre mileniu/escatologie ci cu generația Y, născută prin anii ’80), despre Guyland( un fel de zonă de prematuritate persistentă, un blocaj al bărbățeilor în devenirea lor ca indivizi maturi și responsabili), am tot admirat în seara asta la Vlad și Natan maturitatea, gândirea, înțelegerea și prezentarea coaptă a unor teme esențiale pentru devenirea fiecarui creștin.

Mi-am luat notițe și am avut sentimentul ca vreau să-i opresc, ca să termin de notat. Bine ca avem înregistrări. 🙂

Din frânturile pe care mi le-am notat, unele rupte din context, cu scuzele de rigoare:

1. Vlad Crîznic – Introducere în apologetică.

– Dacă ai intenția și un plan să prezinți Evanghelia, Dumnezeu ne va da ocazii să vorbim despre El. Cel puțin în Anglia, dacă aici nu ai oportunități, cu toată diversitatea religioasă pe care o întâlnești, atunci unde? Citește în continuare „VINERI, 10 Octombrie – Weekend-ul de apologetica”

We don’t need to hide the message about Jesus to fit in!

Graham Miller, London City Mission Chief Executive, has written a blog post challenging us as Christians not to hide the faith aspect of our community work. Graham talks about the need to address spiritual poverty as well as financial and material poverty.

„We have a message of Good News and hope that needs to be heard” he said. „We don’t need to hide the message about Jesus to fit in with some people’s views of what is acceptable in a pluralistic society. We care about people’s needs – about their deepest needs, material and spiritual.” 

Pastor, Stop Lying

There are many pastors that are showing something in public and a totally different stuff in their private life. Some call this a double life. Spiritual schizophrenia.
I was very surprised, taking a break from my reading of Paul Tripp’s, Dangerous Calling, to see an article on Gospel Coalition by Ronnie Martin, written nearly on the same topic. He is speaking about a fellow pastor that „lost his way”, to use Tripp’s words. He describes the following scenario:

It was nothing „scandalous” at all, really. It was that he lied.
When asked how he was doing, he always replied, „Great!” When asked what he needed prayer for, he always offered some generic request.
He kept things guarded, impersonal, and close to the vest, even when others around him shared the depths of their heart. I don’t think I ever heard him apologize to anyone for anything, ever.
Yet he smiled a lot. He laughed heartily and kept things as „positive” as possible. But I saw how the people closest to him were positively crushed by his lack of vulnerability. I was one of them

The unbelievable aspect in this story is that Ronnie himself soon realized that is very tempted to lie also about his condition. Mentoring a young man, he was challanged to be honest.

I repented to him, praying that God would destroy the pride that kept me from sharing my heart to others. Pride is always the root problem. I wanted people to see me as someone who didn’t need the gospel as bad as I was telling them they needed it.
Praise God that the Holy Spirit faithfully reveals what our hearts conceal. Praise God that those no one hidden in Christ needs to hide anything any longer.

Now, this has a happy ending and it’s quite a gentle story compared with the painful and scary things you’ll find in Tripp’s book. It’s quite an embarrassing, humbling book and you may feel tempted to say that it’s speaking to a small number of ministers, but from his experience(and mine) that’s not true. Citește în continuare „Pastor, Stop Lying”

Teo Palincas. Guess Who I am. Why Eurovision?

Teo Palincas Guess who I amI’ve met Teo Palincas last year and I was amazed at the talent God placed in him. He’s attending a Romanian evangelical church in London right now, and, to be honest, I’m quite happy for him and his desire to promote God in this society although he is sometimes criticized for doing that.

Teo is sharing with us the reasons behind his decision to participate at Eurovision.

I was running a Christian coffee shop for a year and a half (with no alcohol, cigarettes), named „Arcafe”. From a commercial point of view, things were not going well, but I started special evenings of music and discussions and we were making friends with young and special people, for who, we felt useful. There, I opened my eyes to a different world and I did realized that God has a special plan for the people who do not attend an evangelical church. Citește în continuare „Teo Palincas. Guess Who I am. Why Eurovision?”

Know about God without much knowledge of God

In this analytical and technological age there is no shortage of books on the church bookstalls, or sermons from the pulpits, on how to pray, how to witness, how to read our Bibles, how to tithe our money, how to be a young Christian, how to be an old Christian, how to be a happy Christian, how to get consecrated,  how to lead men to Christ, how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit (or, in some cases, how to avoid receiving it), how to speak with tongues (or, how to explain away Pentecostal manifestations), and generally how to go through all the various motions which the teachers in question associate with being a Christian believer. Nor is there any shortage of biographies delineating the experiences of Cristians in past days for our interested perusal.
Yet one can have all this and hardly know God at all.
            J.I.Packer, Knowing God, p.23

This book by J.I.Packer was written in 1973. In 40 years, thousands of books on Christian topics like the ones described above had been written and it seems that, as knowledge about God grows like never before, less people really know God at all.
I had a big surprise when I first came in this country. I was expecting to taste a bit of that Christianity that shaped the evangelical Christianity in Romania. That type of Christianity and Christian authors that changed the world for Christ. Big mistake.
My awakening came when I’ve met a Chinese pastor at British Museum. He told me that, in the past, missionaries went from England all around the world. But now there is a need for authentic Christianity in UK. Now, those who benefited from that Gospel must come back and bring back that desire and passion about knowing God.
Unfortunately, this is a tragic moment in the history of this country. You cannot notice a dying Christianity in the UK. Yes, we know about God. A lot of noise. But, from what I’ve met, sadly, too many, don’t know God at all.

Top 10 Christian News Stories of 2009.

Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk Editorial Staff
The year 2009 brought hundreds of stories and movements to bear on global Christianity. Here are the faces, places, and movements the editors believe most impacted Christians around the world.
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Treasuring Him.

Tocmai ce am terminat Nu-ți irosi viața de John Piper. Am început Când nu-L doresc pe Dumnezeu, și până  începe școala, sper să-i citesc toate cărțile. Le-am primit cadou pe cele traduse în română de la Larry, membru în biserica pe care o păstorește Piper. Aroma prezenței lui Dumnezeu se simte deslușit din scrierile sale. Vă îndem să-L descoperiți pe Dumnezeul într-un fel în care, poate,  nu ați mai făcut-o până acum.

Pe sunt și materiale traduse în limba română.

Why Moralism Is Not the Gospel – And Why So Many Christians Think It Is. by Albert Mohler

The basic structure of moralism comes down to this – the belief that the Gospel can be reduced to improvements in behavior.
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Islamul. O problema?

     Christian Today relateaza ca oameni din 219 de tari au participat duminica la Ziua Mondiala de Rugaciune. In Londra, mai mult de 10.000 de oameni s-au implicat. Organizatorul la nivel de oras a provocat crestinii sa vorbeasca intr-un mod clar si indraznet.  „Am fost musulman. Musulmanii nu vor doar sa construiasca o moschee. Ei vor sa preia controlul,” a spus pastorul Jonathan Oloyede unui grup din Estul Londrei. „Daca vreti sa va tavaliti pe jos si sa va jucati de-a mortul in timp ce mostenirea parintilor vostri este aruncata in praf si daca nu puteti sa va ridicati si sa spuneti ca ce-i de-ajuns e de-ajuns atunci nu sunteti potriviti sa fiti crestini. ” Oloyede a avertizat ca cei din randurile crestinilor ce vor sa fie „politicosi”  nu pot fi cu adevarat mesagerii lui Dumnezeu pentru ca ei sunt prea ingrijorati in a nu jigni pe ceilalti. El a rugat crestinii sa fie „loiali” chemarii pe care o au ca cetateni ai Imparatiei”


    Anexez doua clipuri destul de relevante. Intrebarea ramane. Este Isalmul cu adevarat o problema sau tindem noi sa exageram lucrurile? 

Muslim Demographics

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