Swap YOUTUBE KIDS for Carousel Rides Ride for Kids

Good choice. The new carousel was handmade in France, and is suitable for children and adults of all ages. There’s horses, a hot air balloon, a rabbit, a motorbike, a fire engine and an aeroplane. Some of the rides make sounds when a button is pressed, and the aeroplane actually goes up and down – lots of fun! Just like the go-karts and the laser tag, the carousel is included within your admission. This means you can ride the carousel as often as you like for no extra cost. The carousel is open for use every day. We hope you enjoy it. http://www.riversidehub.com/carousel….



These are the 10 brain teasers, easy riddles, riddles and answers, odd one out, brain teasers riddles for kids with answers. These are really brain teasers riddles for kids with answers. I have compiled here some of the best 10 too funny riddles which are amazing, mind blowing and interesting.


SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for Fun FAMILY Day Out Trip | Hitchin Lavender | Outdoor Wedding

Hitchin Lavender is a lavender farm attraction close to both London and Cambridge. We have around 25 miles of lavender rows which you can walk through and pick your own fresh flowers from. As well as the fields of lavender we also grow sunflowers and have a wildflower area. The farm has some spectacular views of rural Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and there are many interesting walks surrounding us. Inside our 17th century barn we have a range of lunches and home made cakes available and you can also browse our products and choose from our large variety of lavender plants on offer. We think we have something quite special here, why not come and experience what the lavender can offer you! https://www.hitchinlavender.com/


A friend SENT ME some LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS | Fun Things to Do This Summer Vacation

Maya and Sophia are here to help this summer vacation with some awesome life hacks for kids! Find out how to use TALCUM POWDER on the beach, use CUPCAKE LINERS, THROW SOME „DART” SPONGES, Construct a five-second tent or make a portable sandbox. Get all your summer vacation life hacks for kids right here!


SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for Pretend Play Doctor for Children | Riverside Hub, Northampton

Maya Fun Pretend Play Professions for Kids Story in the Riverside Hub, Northampton | Great Indoor Play Area with lots of Children Activities and fun kids toys. There’s fun for the whole family at the Riverside Hub, Northampton. Maya had fun playing with learning toys and pretend being a nurse/doctor. At the Riverside Hub children can interactive play and pretend to a doctor or dentist or pretend play farming. They can shop to grocery store for pretend food like cookies etc.

SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for Fun Outdoor PLAYGROUND for Kids and Family | Simpson Park Milton Keynes

Simpson Park has the best small climbing frame for young toddlers. We had a great time climbing up the steps, walking across the wobbly bridge and then playing with the musical pipes. There’s also a very cool snake swing and a larger climbing frame for older children. The best postcode is MK6 3AY. The park is located on Simpson Drive which just off the H9 Groveway in Milton Keynes. There is a car park.

SWITCH UP YOUTUBE for Fun Outdoor PLAYGROUND for Kids | Wind in the Willows Park MK

Wind in the Willows park in Great Holm, Milton Keynes. There’s a good range of wooden play equipment including a car, house, big swing and tunnel. We love the carved characters which include toad, badger and ratty. It is a park you can spend some time at. Be considerate where you park. It’s in Petworth in Great Holm. If you put the street name into your GPS then you’ll come down Holyrood then you need to turn left and you’ll see the entrance to the park. Alternatively the closest postcode we’ve found is MK8 9DH. Wind in the Willows park in Great Holm, Milton Keynes it’s a themed park based around the characters from the story. You walk through a wooden entrance way to discover lots of fun wooden play equipment. Maya absolutely loved the small climbing frame with the pulley. In fact she spent most of her time at the park lifting the bucket up and putting it down again. There’s also a wobbly boat which I know is a favourite with toddlers and a car which has a steering wheel. There’s a big swing, baby swings and a small tunnel as well as a small wooden assault course with different level steps.

SWITCH UP YOUTUBE for Fun Outdoor PLAYGROUND 🐄 for Kids | Stanton Low Park, MK

Stanton Low Park is the best new park in Milton Keynes. In fact I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say this is one of the best parks in MK all together. Why? Well it’s big, beautiful and has equipment for a variety of ages. It’s definitely worth going out of your way to if you live on the other side of the city. There’s a fun zip-line. I know it’s fun, because I tried it out for you. My boys are too small to go on it at the moment so of course I had to check it out. There are some good wooden houses which are great for little ones as well as a tunnel and slide. There are baby swings and big swings. There are balance beams and a big rock sculpture thing


How to Grow 📈 Your YouTube Kids Children (YouTubeKids) Channel Fast in 2018 | Vertical Video

In this video we share our best idea advice on how to grow your Youtube Kids ( YouTubeKids) channel fast in 2018. If you have a small kids children family friendly YouTube channel or you just started one and are wondering how to grow your youtube kids children channel fast in 2018, check out this video. People wonder how to make your youtube channel grow faster and that is hard to do without a youtube channel growth strategy. So check out our Youtube Kids children (YouTubeKids) channel growth main tip and advice for 2018


Happy Father’s Day! 👱 Dear Daddy..A LOVE Letter 2018 | GIFT Video

I wish my girls will say these words someday….

Meet JUMBO🐘the friendly Elephant | New Animation SHORT VIDEO for Kids

We’ve just created our this animated video for children about Jumbo, the friendly Elephant. Hope you like it. We plan to do many more like this on this channel. So please encourage us by subscribing, linking, commenting and sharing. We really enjoy doing this. Meet Jumbo, the friendly Elephant Jumbo is the largest land animal in the world. Jumbo can live to be over 70 years old. Do you know the only one mammal that can’t jump? Yes, it’s the elephant. You don’t want to be in his way. He can be very fast. Jumbo is super smart. Jumbo is capable of hearing sound waves well below our human hearing limitation. Elephants have poor eyesight but an amazing sense of smell. Jumbo has a slow pulse rate of 27. A canary has 1000. Imagine that. Jumbo’s skin is an inch thick. But still, he can get sunburned. That’s why they bathe in mud, to help protect the skin. He has large, thin ears to regulate his temperature, especially in hot climates. Elephants can swim. They use their trunk to breathe in deep water. Elephants have the longest pregnancy of all the animals. 22 months. Baby elephants stay with mum for up to 10 years. The family groups are very close. Jumbo can cry, play, have incredible memories, and laugh. Elephants have greeting ceremonies when a friend returns to the group and don’t fight very often. Elephants are social creatures. They don’t get upset too often. Adult elephants have no real predators in the wild…except us. …

SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for OUTDOOR Playground Fun🚵Creative Play | Emberton Country Park Video

SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for OUTDOOR Playground Fun | Creative Play | Emberton Country Park Video We went out in Emberton Country Park, a wonderful park in Milton Keynes. It has excellent play areas which includes a big pirate ship, a big slide and a floor trampoline. There’s also a new creative play area with shingle and a sandpit with diggers. Lovely walks around the lake. Maya even spent some time with some ducklings. You can easily enjoy a good few hours there. The park is free to enjoy – you can park a bit further away on a residential street or otherwise charges apply in the actual park itself. Emberton Country Park is a 200-acre (0.81 km2) Country park on the Great Ouse River, located near the village of Emberton, near the town of Olney, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.