SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for Outdoor Kids PLAYGROUND at Brooklands Meadow Park

There are two fun outdoor play areas in Brooklands Meadow Park, each different in design to cater for younger and older children, they are very popular in the summer months. The park is well used by local residents with a rapidly increasing catchment area. Attractive, ornate bridges are scattered throughout the park and provide a real point of interest. There are also some pleasant wildflower areas along the margins of the brook itself. Please be careful when visiting during wetter weather – the site does flood considerably when rainfall is heavy. We would recommend dogs are kept on leads in Brooklands Meadow Park. …. This is probably the park in MK that we have visited the most. It has a sand pit area and wooden structure for children to climb up and then put the sand down the chutes. It resembles a smaller version of the sand and water pump area at Sywell Country Park – but there’s no water. There’s a small climbing frame which is good for toddlers and a larger climbing frame which has a wide bumpy slide. The tarmac floor is multi-coloured. There are animal shaped rockers as well as carved wooden animal sculptures. There’s a fun wobbly pirate ship and a baby swing. The park is beautiful in the summer and set amongst wild flowers. It’s easy to get to – the best postcode is MK10 7ER which takes you to Trafalgar Drive which is the road opposite the park. It is of course a residential area so please be considerate to people living there when parking. http://miltonkeyneskids.com/project/b…#


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