SWITCH UP YOUTUBE KIDS for a Fun Outdoor Kids PLAYGROUND at Brooklands Meadow Park

It has a sand pit area and wooden structure for children to climb up and then put the sand down the chutes. It resembles a smaller version of the sand and water pump area at Sywell Country Park – but there’s no water. There’s a small climbing frame which is good for toddlers and a larger climbing frame which has a wide bumpy slide. The tarmac floor is multi-coloured. There are animal shaped rockers as well as carved wooden animal sculptures. There’s a fun wobbly pirate ship and a baby swing. The park is beautiful in the summer and set amongst wild flowers. It’s easy to get to – the best postcode is MK10 7ER which takes you to Trafalgar Drive which is the road opposite the park. It is of course a residential area so please be considerate to people living there when parking.


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