Article in The Guardian mentioning my family and Victory Romanian Baptist Church Kingsbury 

Article from September 2015 read for the first time… 🙂

„Back in the Metroland suburb of Kingsbury, newcomers are assessing their options. Marius Zarnescu, 28, is a crane operator and the pastor of Kingsbury’s Victory Romanian Baptist Church. His congregation is mostly made up of young couples in their 20s and 30s, and Zarnescu says many are moving from Kingsbury to towns outside of London – places such as Uxbridge, Watford, Slough and Reading – in search of more spacious and affordable accommodation. 
He and his wife Laura used to share a house in Kingsbury with another couple. Now that they have a three-month-old daughter, they have moved to Slough, where they can afford to rent a house of their own. “The families at the church are trying to make a life in England,” he says. “Everyone is looking for something more comfortable, a place to settle down, a garden for the kids. And if they have to go outside of London to do it, then it’s for the best.”

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