It’s time to ask Stuart Ramsay himself some investigative questions

Inchirieri de idei

Dear Mr. Ramsay,

You tweeted yesterday that Romanian journalists asking questions about your “arms dealers in Romania” story should stop, for fear of being ridiculous.

Well, I think we can be brave enough to overcome that fear. After all, we’re surrounded by gangs of dangerous arms smugglers, aren’t we?

Now seriously, most of us believe (being taught, among others, by British trainers) in fair and accurate reporting. We believe in facts and in correcting errors. So I’m taking my chances.

First of all, here are the facts, as we “trolls” – your words – can see them, from a journalistic perspective in Romania:

2It looks like you faked a story. Or you were fooled by a bunch of bad actors.

But more than that, you seem to have targeted your story specifically to blame Romania. From the very beginning.

Also, I believe that you tried your best, as if your job depended…

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