„I Declare at My Own Risk” @ RCI London


“The play is autobiographical. It is based on my personal story and explores my identity as a Roma woman. It features monologues written by me and parts from my personal journals. I always knew myself as a person who makes light of hard moments, so I tried to give a positive tone to my ups and downs in life and show how they made me who I am. I wanted the play to express my viewpoint on what is happening in society, to be truthful to myself and to allow myself to be vulnerable in front of people, saying „This is who I was, look where I am from, and who I am now.” I worked on this play with director David Schwartz, dramatist Alice Monica Marinescu, composer and performer Catalin Rulea, and scenographer Adrian Cristea.”

– actress Alina Șerban about ‘I Declare at My Own Risk’, presented @ RCI London on Thursday 24 March, 7pm. Come along!

Free tickets at: www.eventbrite.co.uk

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