The Golden Rule of witnessing to a Muslim. Miroslav Volf, Flourishing : Why we need religion in a globalized world


The next is a common code of conduct while bearing witness. Since in all world religions some version of the Golden Rule is central to their moral code, I have argued in Allah: A Christian Response that it should serve as the basis for an ethics of witness. In the version Jesus gave it, the Golden Rule is universal in application: “In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12). “Everything” includes witness.
Two basic rules follow:
(1) bear witness to your religion in the way you believe others should witness to you, and
(2) as you bear witness to your own religion, be prepared to let others witness to you.
The two rules don’t state everything we need to know about the shape of responsible witness, but they do invite us to discern what it means to relate appropriately to another person whose claim to respect equals ours.

Miroslav Volf, Flourishing : Why we need religion in a globalized world

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