The LBA is again encouraging Baptist congregations to invite their neighbors and friends to circle London with prayer by joining the Capital Ring Walk on Easter Monday.

There are short sectors and long sectors, depending on what you prefer, and groups have reported good times of fellowship, bonding and prayer. Do choose your sector early, as we would like the entire ring to be completed this year. Prayer requests will be available in the next few weeks. For more information, contact Rhona Lawrie on fgv6@aol.com or 07917404834.

Here are a few comments from 2013:

“The kids, though, found it so cold that they were crying … but perked up when a plate of chips was presented to them. We hope others braved the cold too and experienced God’s presence as much as we did…”

“It was good to share the time and pray with the brothers and sisters from Sidcup Baptist.” 

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