Experiencing an Italian Tower Crane


Today I was sent to a new job(Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater) to cover someone. It used to be an old hotel.  Apparently even Michael Jackson stayed here, one guy told me..:) But now they are building some flats. Several millions each.

Ian, my HTC supervisor said that I should be prepared. „It’s not a Wolff crane..and the cab it’s quite small!”, he shared, laughing.:)

I’ve been on small tower cranes before but this one is exceedingly small. An Italian tower crane. Came on with the package when HTC bought Kier. Old school. Carlo Raimondi. I wasn’t aware that the Italians have a tower crane industry. But they have and obviously it’s not the best.

The banksman started to smile when he took me to see it. I barely fitted, climbing the tower sections carrying my backpack. The seat will fold down so you can get in and out from the cab. And it’s not so comfortable. One hour and I already have a back pain, not to mention the pain in different areas of my body. Except these things, it runs ok. The new ones might be better. I’m grateful that this it’s just a one day job. 🙂

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