The Church at the Heart of Community


The Church at the Heart of Community training will run across three Saturdays next month with the aim of helping churches prepare for the many opportunities which 2014 provides to reach out and engage with our communities. The day willl help to answer the following questions… 
·         How can we start a Messy Church?
·         How can we run a community festival?
·         What does a Pentecost Festival party look like?
·         How can we commemorate the First World War’s Centenary?
·         What will the Big Weekend look like?
·         How can we run a street party?
“An Amazing day. It just blew my mind. It was everything I needed!” “It was great to utilise the wisdom that people brought I would encourage people … to bring a group from their Church.”  Just a couple of the comments from people who’ve already enjoyed a training and information day.
Saturday 1st March 2014 – North West London 
Saturday 15th March 2014 – Central London 
Saturday 29th March 2014 – South London  
The days run from 10.30am – 4pm and will be led by Marty Woods, Lucy Moore, Roy Crown, Andy Frost and more.
Get more details about the training locations and register online by going to

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