Crossing London: Showcase


Next Tuesday (4th March 2014), Crossing London will host ‘Showcase’ at Grace Bar, 44 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7NB to unveil plans for this autumn’s Encountering Jesus events.
To give you a taster of what the night entails, have at look at our programme.
At the Showcase, churches will be finding out more about the exciting prospects in store and will be able to meet with some of the guests who they may wish to book for their local events. With us for the evening will be evangelists and preachers Steve Legg, Steve Mullins, Glen Shrivener, comedian and creative communicator Liz Babbs, dance troupe Rebirth, magician Steve Price and many more.
For more information go to This is a free event but you will need to reserve a place. To do so please click here

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