A Problem in Evangelicalism: Narcissistic Leaders

For the purposes of this discuss we might start with the recognition that narcissists are attracted to professions where they get a lot of recognition and are held in high regard.  The ministry is one of the most appealing professions for a narcissist.  Few other professions combine so much personal attention and high regard.  So a lot of narcissists become ministers.
Narcissists generally put more energy into building their church or advancing their ministries, not because they want to impact the lives of people for Jesus, although that will be their claim, but rather because of their intense need for recognition and celebrity.
Two other characteristics of narcissism are particularly important for theological debate.  Narcissists have a strong tendency to see issues in black and white, all or nothing, terms.  Second, when challenged narcissists tend to react with a full and vicious attack.  You either agree with me or not only are you wrong, you aren’t even a Christian!

Narcissists, however, have little interest in how effectively the church is helping people.  So they make sure the basis of evaluation is never how well our churches minister to their flock.  Their focus is on the number attending, the size of the budget and other measures that inflate the narcissist ego.  Resources are pulled from where they are desperately needed. Efforts to advance the skill with which churches help people in their spiritual journeys are hindered.  Those precious resources are then wasted on pursuits that have no higher purpose that to bring more attention and acclaim to a few self-important Christian leaders.

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