Book review: Grace by Max Lucado


Each book written by Max Lucado talks about living a life of worship before God. I’m filled with passion and desire to know and love the Savior more and more. Each book revolves around the person of Jesus Christ.

Max gives us the privilege in Grace. More than we deserve, Greater than we imagine, to look at God revealed to us in Christ Jesus, but goes even further and challenges us to jump in the arms of God’s grace, a grace that changes us, transforms us, shapes us and strengthens our lives. It meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.

This book is real. Like God’s grace. No theories. Live words.

This is life as war zone. Drought, doubt, debt, and disease, and Max is sharing some of his battles, some of his dark moments. He’s speaking about his heart procedure or the time when he struggled about his beer cravings and his confession in the church about his hypocrisy. It wasn’t easy but it was grace at work.

Tara Storch loosing her daughter and finding grace, Victoria Ruvolo offering grace to her attacker –God gave me a second chance at life, and I passed on-, the forgiving Amish community after a terrible tragic moment that took the life of several young girls, all these powerful stories are also in the book.

As a minister I’m interested not only in the devotional side of a book but also in the theological. Max is very honest and he doesn’t want to lead you astray.

I want to be careful here. Truth is, we do not always know is someone has trusted God’s grace. A person may have feigned belief but not meant it. It isn’t our to know. But we know this: where there is genuine conversion, there is eternal salvation.

A devotional, theological and motivational book about experiencing God’s grace. It comes with a study plan at the end, helping you to lay the foundations.

When I finished the book I honestly prayed for opportunities to share this grace. After a few moments God gave me the opportunity to do so. Wonderful. God does not delay in answering to such requests.

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