Teo Palincas. Guess Who I am. Why Eurovision?

Teo Palincas Guess who I amI’ve met Teo Palincas last year and I was amazed at the talent God placed in him. He’s attending a Romanian evangelical church in London right now, and, to be honest, I’m quite happy for him and his desire to promote God in this society although he is sometimes criticized for doing that.

Teo is sharing with us the reasons behind his decision to participate at Eurovision.

I was running a Christian coffee shop for a year and a half (with no alcohol, cigarettes), named „Arcafe”. From a commercial point of view, things were not going well, but I started special evenings of music and discussions and we were making friends with young and special people, for who, we felt useful. There, I opened my eyes to a different world and I did realized that God has a special plan for the people who do not attend an evangelical church.

On the background of those feelings, God has inspired the song „Guess Who I Am” (which has a special video created by Maghiaristudio). The message of the song is the message that I’ve shared before and I’m still promoting here in London, namely that „God does not send us all to the pulpits or microphones to show off our spirituality…No! Rather, God finds his satisfaction in „strangers and foreigners” who appear without much applause, and who know the reason they are on earth and what is their purpose in this world, people who leave behind the question…” GUESS WHO I AM? „Anyone can be God’s secret agent”!

The song was praised even by a studio that worked with artists such as Sting and Adele. That does not necessarily mean that it will get among the 12 finalists at Eurovision because in the jury are people and people have their preferences, but we are „born again optimists”, and we are not concerned, whatever the outcome.

For those who will support us with votes and not least, prayer, the song will appear in the final under “Teo Family” or „Teo Palincas – Guess Who I Am” and is played by me, Ligia(my wife ) and Gabriela (my sister).

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