Dan Puric about Romania

I’ve read Dan Puric these days, an artist and a strong public voice in Romania. I like the way he describes Romania, polluted today by communism, transition and integration. He offers many interesting images that challenges you intellectually, moves you emotionally, wanting to lead you towards a traditional mixed orthodox faith.

In Who are we, he gave the following interesting pictures:

Imagine this country as a baby’s cheek, with a tear that flows continuously, and you will realize the history of the Romanian people. The contemporary expression of this state is perfectly found preserved in her dimension, when people today ask you if you know which is the last question of the Romanian people. „What,” you say… And you get the answer: „If there is life before death.”

He also said…

We have peaks, flowers that grow tall, but we don’t have a garden and we don’t have a gardener. We killed the gardener, cut the water and stole the hose…

For those who don’t know the situation of Romania, these pictures are quite real.

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