Return to the Potter

Intelligent Design is the understanding that the complexity, beauty and composition of this world is the work of an intelligent mind as opposed to a random, non-purposeful chain of events. Creationists believe that this Intelligent Designer is God.

The Bible tells us that God is our Potter and we are the work of His hands, products of His labour. A Potter shapes the clay, fires it and then glazes it in order to design different objects for the desired purpose. A ceramic vase is designed with its unique purpose in mind, to hold flowers.

In the same way, God, your Intelligent Designer and perfect Potter knows just what purpose you were created for. You are the work of His hand and only in His hands, can you be moulded, fired up and shaped to fulfil His desired will for your life.

If you want to leave your footprints on the moon, you must return to God, the Potter and ask Him to show you what destiny He had in mind when He was creating you. Submit to His shaping and moulding. Allow Him to fire you up.

Relent in absolute surrender to His decoration and beautification of your life for His glory.

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