Napkin Theology.

Last year I started kidding with my students, saying, „Yeah, this is something where next time you’re at Starbucks and you want to talk theology, whip this out! You can do this on a napkin.” So we as a group started calling this „Napkin Theology.” I don’t know if I came up with the title or one of my students did. It’s just something that both last year and this year has been a part of class the students have really enjoyed. So I thought, okay, this is something I could put in a YouTube format that may be creative enough to get people’s attention. It’s short, so hopefully it’s memorable, it communicates a certain skill – the ability to communicate what you believe, or to think about faith visually. The bottom line for me is kind of one of my soapboxes: seminary takes too long and costs too much, so there’s gotta be a better way to start doing theological education. And although I wouldn’t claim Napkin Theology is the last word on anything, I think it can be a helpful first word.

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